New to this 😏

I am crap at blogging everyday. Whoops! Yesterday I went to Nottingham Trent open day and it’s was very good! As to I’m stuck on which course to do now! 😏 which isn’t good at all. I wore my white top, black and white skit, and my denim jacket! Also I have depop but no one is buying my stuff which ain’t going well at all πŸ˜•. Yay!


Topshop Jeans!

Ah, today brought a new pair of jeans! They fit so perfectly, just slid on my legs! It’s so good. If you look in the Topshop sale they are a few there. Only Β£20 with my student discount it came to Β£18, even better!πŸ‘ They are so stretchy it’s beautiful and they are pink! Ah they are just perfect! I recommend everyone to have at least on pair! ☺️





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