Yet again I have not been blogging! Well, recently I have been stressed about my UCAS and my personal statement! Urgh it’s so hard, really need help right now! So anyone who either went or is going next year like me please look at my other blog and follow me on Twitter and talk to me about it!☺️. Yesterday I went to Wolverhampton and I loved what I wore! My primark coat that I love! My pink stretchy jeans because now my green ones are ripped 😩. Why couldn’t it have been on the front would of been in the trend then oh god! DIY time on my green jeans!πŸ˜‚. My blue socks, with my topshop ankle boots that I adore! They are just beautiful! With my primark top!







Oh god I haven’t blogged again! I am very sorry bloggers haπŸ˜‚. Recently I have been busy with school etc, but today I went shopping with my auntie and my mom. Went to Primark! Yay! πŸ‘, I brought quite a few clothes tbh so I’m happy! I’ve fallen in love my new red fur coat omg! 😍😍




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